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  • Testimonials from around the web
    Testimonials from around the web

    Check out what our satisfied customers are saying about us!

  • -Bryan B. (Facebook)

    "The service is great and the quality of the products is excellent. I will certainly be using them again in the future."

  • -Josh T. (via Email)

    "We're really amazed with the results of the books, everyone here loves them. Thank you for all your help!"

  • - Craig J. (Facebook)

    "I always get my orders fast, price is great and they're local"

  • -Gille D. (Facebook)


  • -Rich D. (via Email)

    "I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you have done for us and helping us make Bellissima a brand with a chance.

    Not only have you delivered each and every time on each and every thing we have ever asked from you the quality of work is second to none.

    It really means a lot to us and every single event and every time we look at Bellissima and the ancillary marketing materials we think of Merlin and we do NOT ever take it for granted. The quick turnarounds, the pretty challenging demands with limited graphic resources from our end but you always come through."

  • -Joann S. (Google)

    "Merlin Printing is top notch with fast turnaround, and amazing quality! "

  • - Allie J. (Facebook)

    "They offer great products and have wonderful customer service."

  • -Osiris C. (Facebook)


  • -Katie B. (Facebook)

    "Great service, the staff is so friendly and the products are high quality. I'll definitely be using them again in the future!"

  • -Megan R. (Facebook)

    "Merlin provides high quality products at great prices. Working with them is such an easy and smooth process and the finished products always look great!"

  • -Julia K. (Google)